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Ideas for dads, spending time with their daughters

Ideas for dads, spending time with their daughters

Problems, worries at work and stress tend to keep fathers away from their children today, and little ones grow up without a prominent parent figure, from which to learn essential things about life. The activities done with the daughter are not only about playing or walking in the park, but also at other quality moments that are worth trying together to help her develop harmoniously!

Holidays or weekends in two

The idea of ​​spending a few days alone with the daughter, away from home and mother, can be intimidating for a dad. But it seems to be a method that helps them spend quality time together, get to know each other better and strengthen their relationship. In addition, in hiking, little girls can learn something about what they like most about their dads: sports.

Evening at home cinema

Many dads can't imagine how they can share a movie with their daughter for only a few years. Even if it's just a children's movie or a cartoon, dads are surprised to find out how interesting it is to hear the conclusions their little girls reach regarding certain scenes in them.

Children always have their own version of things that happen in the movie, and dads have the opportunity to get to know their little girls better and the way they think.

Video games

Dads often tend to give into the minds of children and adopt a childlike behavior, and their favorite toy remains the video game console. Even though it seems like an activity that can only be done with boys, in reality, girls seem to do the same, if not better, in competing with dads in car races, tennis games or vampire games.

Sport activities

Sports are not just for boys, and dads need to know that they can share the passion for these activities with their daughters. Regardless of football, tennis, basketball or other type of sport, share unique moments with your daughter, taking her to workouts, explaining the rules and taking her to all kinds of matches.

You may not be interested in these activities, but at the same time, it is possible to share with you these passions and become two supporters, as well as players, unbreakable.

One day at work

Invite your child to be your assistant for a day at work. In addition to allowing you to spend quality time together, the little girl manages to find out more about you and your occupation. This way, she gets an idea of ​​what you do when you leave home for many hours a day and helps her get to know you better.

Play with the dolls

As your little girl can turn into a sensational footballer on the field, you can also become the best playmate for her, even if your favorite toys are dolls. You can become her best friend, serve tea together, or shop for the doll's house.

It is a method by which you enter, this time, into her small universe, where she feels the best and which gives her the opportunity to open more in front of you.

Picnic in the park

Turn the ordinary walks in the park into unique moments spent in two. Take with you a basket of goodies prepared by the mother, and after you get tired of running, beating the ball or playing frisbee, spread a blanket and enjoy the snacks you have in the package. Take the opportunity to ask her more about her concerns and passions.

Cooked together

Although the mother is the head chef of your family, it would not be wrong to occasionally give her a surprise and wait for her with a ready meal when she comes to work. Besides the practical aspect of this activity, you have the opportunity to get to know yourself better and to have a lot of fun modeling dough for snacks or cakes or mixing the ingredients for a delicious salad.

What other activities do you think that I can still share dads with their daughters and how can they still have fun together? Tell us your suggestions in the comments section below!

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