13 gift ideas for grandparents at the beginning of the journey

13 gift ideas for grandparents at the beginning of the journey

Grandparents play an important role in your child's life and development and are often more emotional than you are at the birth of their first grandson. The moment when they turn from parents to grandparents deserves to be marked with a special gift that will always remind them of this overwhelming moment.

Plant in pots

It is said that a tree means a new life. Plants symbolize the idea of ​​a new beginning, and the moment when your parents first become grandparents is worthy of such a symbol of life. It doesn't have to be a tree. You can opt for other plants in pots, but you have to make sure they are not seasonal, but permanent, so that they can withstand time and grow with the nephew.

Photo album

You can pleasantly surprise parents who become grandparents with an exciting photo album. Start with pictures from your birth and finish with those from the moment you gave birth to your child, thus going through all the emotional moments of their parents' lives. They will be deeply moved by such a photo album that can even be called "Life from parents to grandparents".

Custom painting

Give your grandparents a picture with your nephew, then go with her to a special workshop or shop and turn the picture into a picture. With the help of photo editing programs, specialists can turn any photo into a special painting in canvas. Frame it and give it to your grandparents. You will surely be able to tear a tear from them with such a gift.

Movie collection

Wrap beautifully a series of 4-5 DVDs with movies with and about grandparents and give it to grandparents on the first occasion. Besides being able to relax by looking at them, I can learn a lot of interesting things about how and what it means to be a grandfather.

Opt for fun, exciting, happy ending movies. After all, a gift should stir smiles, not sadness, and tears will always be joy.

Packed with toys

It is a nice gift, but it is also your subtle way of telling them that the little one will spend a lot of time with them and that they need serious supplies of toys for him. You can make a wooden box or box manually, and you can personalize it, writing on it their name.


The moment they become grandparents, your parents enter a new stage of life. As a period full of memorable events is announced in their lives, it is important to have a camera with them to immortalize and keep as memories.

If they do not have such a gadget or their device has become obsolete and does not make very beautiful pictures, give them a new device and test it by taking the first pictures with him to the nephew.

Custom t-shirts

They have become grandparents, and the moment must be immortalized on some shirts that convey the enthusiasm and joy of having a grandson. So print your t-shirts with funny messages or nice pictures. Give one to each.

New "cakes" utensils

Do you remember with nostalgia the kindness that your mother prepared when you were little and you want your little one to enjoy, throughout his childhood, the same culinary delights that you also had?

Replace your mother's old set of utensils with a new one or supplement her collection with new forms of cakes, innovative gadgets and other practical and efficient utensils, so as to ease her work in the kitchen and stimulate her to make many delicious cakes.

Custom cane

Do your grandparents get to drink tea or coffee daily? Give them a personalized mug, inscribed with the message "I am grandpa", "only great parents get to be grandparents", "I was promoted as grandpa" or with any other text you find more fun and interesting.

This way, whenever they enjoy their tea or coffee, they will remember their nephew and you.

Baby bag, personalized

As soon as the grandparents get into their rights and take seriously the mission of taking care of the nephew, walking him through the park or taking him to the doctor. In such situations, grandparents should always have their baby bag with them.

Give them a personalized bag with the message "the greatest grandparents", to use whenever they need. In this way, grandparents will have their own bag for the child and you will not have to carry yours every time.

Keychain or personalized jewelry

You can mark the moment when your parents become grandparents and with a key ring inscribed with the date of birth of the child and with a funny message related to the new status they passed. For the grandmother, you can buy a necklace with a photo pendant, which you can print with the date of birth of the nephew and enter a picture with the baby.

Greeting card created manually

He creates a nice greeting card for his grandparents, along with the other family members. Supply yourself with materials, colors, scissors and everything else you need. Do an exercise in imagination for how the greeting card looks and what you will write about it. A nice idea is to print the baby's sleeve or sole on it and write messages around it.

The story books of your childhood

If you have kept the storybooks your mother used to read to you as a child and you were enchanted, dig through the bridge or the library after them, wrap them beautifully and give them to her when she became a grandmother.

Also write a congratulation on how much you would like to hear your child hear these stories in her mouth as she grows up. If you no longer have old books, buy the same stories in newer versions. It does not matter much the packaging, as the emotional message you send and that will overwhelm the fresh grandmother.

What other gifts do you think are suitable for the new grandparents? What things or gifts do you think would surprise her and overwhelm her with emotion? Tell us your opinion in the comments section below!