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Virtual library for children

Virtual library for children

The Children's Library is a new virtual store that brings together a carefully designed collection of books for children of all ages, but also titles that are intended for parents. The library gathers classic stories, books of poems or famous novels of childhood, both Romanian and international titles. To these is added a large selection of psychological or gastronomic books for parents, textbooks and school aids.

"The children's bookstore was born out of the desire of more parents to find relevant, really useful information about new publishing issues on the market. An adult reader can immediately find credible reviews and reviews of almost any new book and can quickly form a correct and useful opinion. In a children's book you cannot do the same, having to rely on intuition, luck or opinions I wanted our site to be able to provide a solution to this problem, "the representatives of the Children's Library said.

The new virtual library for children and parents is positioned as offering "the most beautiful books for children published in Romania". The Children's Library brings together only titles that contain quality literature and illustrations made by professional artists, adding to them an irreproachable graphic quality. Many of the books offered by the Children's Library benefit from reviews by writers and journalists from the cultural sphere, who have joined this project. Also, the parents will be able to contribute, directly on the site, with comments and opinions regarding the books presented.

The bookstore benefits from an intuitive book search system and a safe and fast ordering method, and payment can be made even with the card. The catalog is structured in clear and suggestive categories, classified according to useful criteria such as children's age, content or price. The order form is clear and easy, optimizing the time consumed by the customer to process the purchase.

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