Roll with vegetables

Roll with vegetables

The vegetable roll is a delicious recipe for spring, rich in vegetables and fresh and flavored cheeses. It can be consumed both as an aperitif and as a main course, and the delicious taste will quickly gather around the table all family members!

Preparation time: 15 min + 35 min (baked)

Difficulty: average


300 g cheese (sheep, goat, cow - according to preference)

400 g of spinach

600 ml milk

1 1/4 cup oil

5 tablespoons flour

5 Husbands

2 large links with vegetables (dill, parsley)



Method of preparation

Start preparing the rolling dough, putting the milk with oil, salt, pepper and flour on the fire. Leave them on fire until the composition thickens. Then let it cool and incorporate the yolks in it.

Add a pinch of salt to the whites and beat the foam. Then incorporate them, gradually, into the dough composition, and at the end, add the finely chopped green. The composition is poured into a wide pan greased with butter and put in the oven for 30-35 minutes.

Remove the hot counter from the tray and place on a cotton towel, previously moistened. The cheese is scraped over and the scrawny spinach is chopped and then the towel is rolled and removed. Leave to "breathe" a little and then cut into slices.

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