Bulldog, the most experienced character in Planes

Bulldog, the most experienced character in Planes

"Planes" ("Airplanes"), a Pixar brand film that rises to its own height, the story started in the beloved cars Cars 1 and 2, has its premiere in Romania on September 6, 2013. This time the characters are some very funny airplanes, which start in a race. throbbing through the clouds.

The story of the movie

The main character of the film, Dusty, is a small plane with big dreams: he wants to compete in a famous air race, only because his fear of heights stands in his way. We let you find out from the movie who helps him turn his dream into reality, but until then, we invite you exclusively to the Planes universe.

Today we invite you to meet the wisest participant in air travel.


In the original animation John Cleese's voice

Bulldog is more experienced in air racing than any other competitor. Being the oldest and the wisest, he remembers very well how it was in the days before GPS, when the true competitors relied exclusively on their weight and in the direction indicated by the stars.

When it comes to competitions, everything comes down to two qualities, says Bulldog: good flying skills and very good physical form. Point. While his opponents are secretly wondering if the old man's time is up, he flies to the top of the standings again and again, proving that Bulldog has not lost any strength.

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