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This autumn we are running for the forest at the Children's Forest Cross

This autumn we are running for the forest at the Children's Forest Cross

The Children's Forest Association organizes the 9th edition of the largest sporting event dedicated to an environmental cause, which combines sport, running and relaxation. The event will take place on September 30-October 1 in Ploiesti and on October 7-8 in Bucharest.

In each of the two cities, one day is dedicated to 5, 10 and 15 km races, and the other to family activities and "Recovery of Childhood", where people of all ages can enjoy sports games and environmental educational workshops.

The Children's Forest Cross is the event you can attend and donate to support the afforestation project. Our motto is "We grow Vlasia's swamp!" and we promote sport, outdoor activities and responsibility towards nature. If you needed a small event or an organized event to remind you how important the environment is and how much our forests need us, this is what you were looking for.

Recreational activities with the family

"A new sample will be introduced this year, which we consider to be extremely interesting, namely the state sample in the grass that helps us to reconnect with nature, but also with loved ones. For beginners it takes half an hour and involves giving up for gadgets for half an hour, and for the professional lovers of relaxation we prepare an guided meditation hour.

The state grass court is open to both beginners and professionals alike. Three conditions apply to both categories: the abandonment of any electronic device, the state on the grass without interruption during the allotted time and the complete relaxation. Beginners can talk for half an hour with those around them or let their mind fly through the Children's Forest, and the advanced ones enjoy an hour of guided meditation, accompanied by comforting music. The registration for the state sample in the grass is 35 lei, money used for the care of 7 young.

Cros for adults

Another new element for this edition is the decision of the organizers to schedule the running time of all the participants in the 5, 10 or 15 km races to turn the pleasure of running into a source of personal pride. The race was held before the Bucharest International Marathon, where the Children's Forest Association is the cause and is a good training opportunity for long distance runners. Regardless of what you choose, two things are sure: you will have a sporting and happy weekend in the heart of the city and you will contribute to the planting and care of new forests, which our country needs now. The cost of registration for the cross for 5, 10, 15 km is 65/130/130 lei.

The Children's Forest Association also prepares a day with non-competitive tests, such as the 1 km race for running with the family and a race for children of 500 and 1000 m. , winning the largest family, but also the family with the youngest and oldest representative. For registrations of 25-30 lei, the Association will take care of the young.

The Children's Forest Cross has been running since 2009, and this year is an occasion to celebrate through movement, recreation and time spent outdoors. The event is being held for the second year in a row by Kaufland Romania, as part of its "New You Live Fresh!" Campaign.

If you want to go with your colleagues from the office to this event, there is the option of corporate running. Not only will you be able to take part in a team building activity, but you will also support the company you are a part of.

Why is this type of action needed?

The lack of forests in Romania is a very serious problem, in the last 100 years Romania losing more than half of the forested area. The south of the country is the most affected, having on average between 2.5-5% the wooded area, of the recommended total of 20%.

The lack of forests produces an imbalance of the environment, affecting the hydrological circuit, the quality of the air and the quality of life in the surrounding regions.

What the Children's Forest aims to do is to grow the forested area in Romania, guiding itself to certain basic values. These values ​​include sustainable development and promotion of sustainable consumption, conservation of biodiversity, education and involvement of local communities, promotion of volunteerism and social involvement and promotion of a healthy life.

All donations and contributions from participants will help bring cleaner air to future generations, so Don't forget to fill out the registration form by September 24th!