Cellulite? The attack!

Cellulite? The attack!

Cellulite? Only the word makes certain women hide. The truth is that there is nothing painful about cellulite. It's just body fat. What makes cellulite unwanted is where it is and how it looks.
Because cellulite is stored directly beneath the skin, fat cells tend to press on the surface of the skin. This makes it look like all women hate it.
Good information means an asset in front of the enemy. Thus, carrying on a sustained struggle and with a well-organized plan, we will destroy this enemy by attacking him as in any well-sustained struggle, both from the outside and from within.
Even if cellulite it is not a disease in itself, being present in the life of most women (with or without weight surplus), we are absolutely entitled to want - for aesthetic and comfort reasons - its definitive elimination or at least a considerable improvement.

Cellulite represents the accumulation and clogging of fatty tissue of the subcutaneous tissue, determined by the infiltration of the water that has not been eliminated and of the organic residues, thus appearing the aspect of "orange peel", painful when pressed.
Over time, the neighboring nerve cells also risk being immobilized to the same extent, which shows that the fight must begin as soon as possible, before an expansion of this unpleasant enemy. Remember: CELLULITA DOES NOT STAY ON THE PLACE!

Remove cellulite from the inside

Anti-cellulite diet
Any anti-cellulite treatment should start from within! Why?
Because most cases of cellulite production have internal causes, besides external ones such as: sedentary lifestyle, very tight clothes etc. From overweight people, to high school kids labeled as weak, most women are affected by cellulite!
You must follow certain steps in its control, and the first would be to reduce the fat intake that your body stores.
Not only will you notice in a few weeks, depending on how you react to your body, that you feel much better and that you are much healthier, but you will notice amazing results regarding the appearance of orange peel.
Step 1: Elimination of toxins:

  • drink 1 cup of shock tea daily + non-stick green tea;
  • drink fresh juice from a lemon daily;
    Step 2: raw vegetables and fruits:
  • when you are hungry for a carrot, eat a tomato / red pepper
  • for lunch, consume green salad with lemon juice and olive oil (with cucumbers, tomatoes, green onions, etc.)
  • in the morning a fresh fruit juice (preferably citrus) or any other fruit, including banana;
    Raw fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants that help alleviate problems caused by tobacco, alcohol and pollution.
    Step 3: Avoid certain foods:
    Excludes fast food, sauces, mayonnaise and cream cakes.
    Limits the consumption of:
  • alcohol
  • fat meat
  • sausage
  • cheese and feta cheese
  • everything is fried in oil (eg, pork, snitel, etc.)
  • minced meat
  • sweet and sour juices
    All of these dietary rules must become a diet. Indeed, sometimes we cannot abstain, but that does not mean that food excesses must become a habit.

    Remove cellulite from the outside

    Depending on the location of cellulite (in general - thighs, buttocks, abdomen), we will strive first to activate the muscle area around cellulite.
    We can do sports: jogging, jumping, aerobics or we can do electrostimulation sessions: an ultramodern method as the perfect alternative to the feeling of "I'm lazy" and very efficient - a 60-minute session represents the equivalent of 6 hours of intensive aerobics.
    Whatever your choice, the positive effects will not delay to appear: the blood circulation is activated, the skin in the area will be fortified, the energy metabolism is stimulated thus contributing to the disappearance of the "orange peel" aspect.
    A subscription of 10-12 electrostimulation sessions (60 min / session) is recommended, which will help to tone the muscles and to eliminate cellulite.
    Their effect is visible after the first 3-4 sessions, but a minimum of 10-12 sessions is required.
    You must necessarily resort to body treatments, extra-strength and anti-cellulite wrap with Spa Lipo Sauna or Thalassotherapy.
    The most effective treatment is the combination of electrostimulation, anti-cellulite packaging and professional anti-cellulite massage, which is a slightly harsh and deep massage.
    After such intensive treatment cellulite it is reduced by up to 40%, and you can lower it more than 10 cm in circumference by removing the fat layer, cellulite nodules, water retained in the body and accumulated toxins, which impede the functioning of our body.
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