How to prepare your preschool child for school

How to prepare your preschool child for school

Start of school it is an important stage in the life of every child, being the first step that prepares him for adult life. It is normal for your child to have great emotions at the beginning of school, to ask you many questions, to be afraid of the new road that awaits him. The child will walk in a yard full of hundreds of children, and in the class will meet other 20-25 children as excited as he is.

To make it easier for you as a student, prepare as best as you can before the first day of school, show a lot of patience, because the emotional side is very important, the child does not have to be afraid of school. there it is how to prepare the preschool child for school!

Boost the sense of independence

As the child grows up and approaches the age of the school, it is necessary to teach him to do it alone in certain situations, because neither you, nor his father or grandparents will be there to help him. Let him play with the kids from the block and watch him out of the shadows, encourage him to dress and get up alone, make plans with what he has to do (plans tailored, of course, his age).

He will be responsible and will learn to make choices alone, trust him and will not always seek confirmation, support. Make sure, on the other hand, that you will always be near him when he asks for your help.

Talk to her about what school means

The more you know about what's going on at school, the easier it will be for your child to get comfortable. Talk to him about what the classroom looks like, about the subjects he will study, about the fact that he will have homework to do.

Don't just talk about the rules you have to follow and the tasks you have, because you will create the wrong image for them, as if the school is a little monster. Tell him about the fact that at school he will make new friends, that he will have breaks in which he can play, that he will learn a lot of new things. You will manage to make him really excited and to look forward to the first day of school. Answer them with great patience to all the questions they ask. Tell her about your first day of school, show her pictures and tell her how excited you were.

If you have an older child, ask him to tell his brother or sister about the positive experiences at school.

Shopping for school together

Supplies, textbooks, backpacks ... do not buy them without being present. Let him choose the supplies he likes, because he will go to school with more pleasure.

Help the little one get used to the new program

With the start of school, the child will not be able to soak in bed as much as he wants, because he no longer has a leave program. A few days before the beginning of the new school year, urge him to go to bed earlier and wake him up at the time you should wake him up for school. This program will help him to be easier when he starts his courses, not to be tired of fatigue.

It also creates a ritual before bedtime: read together, talk about plants, animals, history.

Also encourage him to play with lego, build figurines, draw, move. Sport plays an important role in the healthy development of the child. Encourage him to play with other children, go as often as you can with him in the park, because there he has the opportunity to make new friends, just like in school.

Visit the school together

Do not wait for the first day of classes for your little one to see the school he is teaching. Go ahead with him to school, show him the building, the yard and explain to him that here he will play and learn interesting things along with other children his age. When he walks into the school yard on the first day of classes, the place will not seem cold, unpressurizing, because he has already seen the location.

In the first day of school it is important for both parents to be present at the festivities dedicated to the opening of the school year, as it will be a time full of emotions. On the morning of the first day of school, make the backpacker together and have breakfast in a cheerful atmosphere. It is helpful for the baby to leave confidently at home, not to be anxious.

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