Interview: Catrinel Sandu, the mom for the second time

Interview: Catrinel Sandu, the mom for the second time

I talked to Catrinel Sandu, the fulfilled mother of two beautiful little girls that she grows up with her husband, Gabriel Trifu, in the United States of America, where they settled a few years ago.

Find below the answers of a happy mom.

The You are the mother of two gorgeous girls with rhyming names, Sara and Lara. How did Sara react to the news that she would have a sister?

Catrinel Sandu: Sara was the happiest, she wanted very much to have a sister, not the brother smiles. Ever since I was pregnant I was sitting on my tummy on a non-stop tummy, kissing my tummy on the tummy and in the morning and in the evening, asking me all the time what baby is doing, if he was kicking. After he was born, he stayed with Lara all the time. It helps me to change, to dress, to walk the stroller, it is extremely close to the baby.

The How did you prepare Sara for the changes that will take place in your life after the baby came into the world?

Catrinel: I tried to explain it in such a way as to understand what changes would occur with the arrival of her sister, but I was lucky that she was very excited and very much wanted a sister.

Equally, we have tried and now we try to pay her the same attention and to do about the same things as before so that she does not feel any rejection or jealousy.

We go to the restaurant only the three of us, it has the same activities as before, receives as many gifts and peaks, when we buy something for her she asks if we take something and for the baby.

The How was this task? Did you have any appetites, cravings?

Catrinel: The pregnancy was heavier in the first and last part compared to the first pregnancy. At the beginning of the pregnancy, I had nausea in the first 2 months, I was lucky and I had no appetites at all, but it was different maybe due to the fact that, having Sara, I did not have time for myself, being forced to do everything on the run. It seemed to me that this task was shorter, you enjoy the task a second time!

The How did you prepare for the birth? Did you take courses for future moms?

Catrinel: At the first pregnancy with Sara I read a lot, I informed myself, so the second time I was prepared. I was much more relaxed at the second pregnancy and everything went differently!

The I can not miss the opportunity to hate Lara "Happy Birthday!", Because she has just turned a month and I will take the opportunity to ask if in all this time Sara was not really jealous?

Catrinel: As I told you, it was not at all jealous, on the contrary it is too loving - it suffocates laughter and everything has to be done with babies. She introduces everyone to her sister Lara. In the ranks everyone heard about Lara, she tells them, she shows them pictures, she is crazy about her. I hope it will be so and when it will be great!

The If you faced such episodes, how would you handle the situation?

Catrinel: So far it has not happened and, as Sara behaves, I do not think it will happen, but we also try to avoid such situations as much as possible, trying not to change too much in her life and to grant them the same attention as before.

The You are in a kind of envy, tell us about the diet that you have addressed during pregnancy and after birth!

Catrinel: I did not take any diet, neither during pregnancy nor after. I was fortunate to gain weight at the first pregnancy 13 kg, and at the second 14 kg. I ate everything I felt I want to eat and I can say that at the first pregnancy I took much more care of myself: rest, fruits etc. This time I did not allow the same thing, having Sara. I ate when she ate, I didn't get enough rest, I was very active. When you still have a child it is difficult, you can no longer take care of yourself.

After I was born, I quickly lost 1 kg, for a month after giving birth, I was left with an extra 3 kg. I try to eat as healthy as possible because I am breastfeeding and I have to avoid certain foods.

It hydrates me very well, I drink lots of compotes and teas. For the moment I do not exercise because I was born through Caesarean section and I am not allowed. I deal with both of them and that keeps me in shape! smile

The Do you want a boy? Do you still have a third child?

Catrinel: I wanted a boy very much, but I tell you by heart that I am the happiest mom of the girls and I wish to be the best friends and help all my life. I suffered because I have no brothers or sisters, and because they are girls, I think they will have a special relationship and complicity!

I think we will stop here, we are extremely happy and fulfilled with Sara and Lara smiles, and Dad is the very happy one because he "has three princesses", as he likes to say laughing.

The Among our readers are many mothers and future mothers who are established abroad. I imagine that it is very difficult to cope with all the changes that occur along with the pregnancy and the birth away from home and parents, which can be a real support during this period. How did you manage during the times when your parents were in Romania?

Catrinel: It's not easy to be away from home, family and friends. We really don't have anyone here, but we did it and it brought us even closer. We also shared our parenting duties so that everything would be fine. We didn't have anyone to stay with Sara here, which is why she was always with us everywhere and she is extremely close to us.

My parents come here once a year for a few months and they are a real help. And now I'm here, they came a month before I was born and they'll be here for another 2 months. The rest of the time I hope that we will do as well as we do now, even if two children ask for much more.

Sara goes to kindergarten so the mornings will be dedicated to Lara, and in the afternoon, when she comes, until evening, we will try to get along. We are also fortunate to have two happy and cheerful children who make everything beautiful, even though it is difficult to be alone.

Neither I nor Gabi trust us to leave them in the care of someone else, except our parents. We are struggling a bit now at first, but time goes by fast, growing and everything will be easier. We try to enjoy these unique moments and moments with which you no longer meet!

The Thank you very much! Success and all the best of your dear girls!

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