Cheese cream, a healthy treat for mothers and children

Cheese cream, a healthy treat for mothers and children

It is often difficult to find healthy snacks for children. Most delicious foods are processed and contain lots of additives, sugars, fats or dyes.

For example, butter is delicious spread on a slice of fresh bread and served with honey or sweet. But if it is to look at the fat content it has, we will not like what we see. In the melted cheese we are not talking about the tempting taste, but it is not really the healthiest option.

For moms who want an easy recipe or want to prepare healthy and delicious snacks for children, we recommend you to try the Del Something Cheese Cream from Delaco. Now we find this healthy delight and in "colorful" cheerful clothes, easy to handle.

The Ceva Fin cheese is fresh, entirely natural, with only 29% fat, in a form only good for any snacks we have in mind. Each cube contains 45% fresh cow cheese and 35% cream.

Individual cheese cream cubes are spreadable and can be beautifully sliced ​​for ingenious snacks. Also, with the help of blender and fresh fruits, we can discover a lot of creamy and delicious desserts. No problem if we do not have time for any of these variants. We just have to forget in the morning to put a box of cheese cubes in the bag or bag, some biscuits and the snack is solved.

The intense taste of milk and the fine texture of the cream cheese are the ingredients that turn the curious into fans. Be curious, try it! And we are waiting for you in the cheese fan club:

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