Hypnosis, a remedy for infertility

Hypnosis, a remedy for infertility

Hypnosis seems to be the last finding of researchers regarding the treatment of infertility, especially of unknown causes. It seems that hypnotherapy is an alternative method of restoring fertility, which fights stress accumulated in the body, especially in women, which is a possible cause of the inability to conceive children. It has also been shown that it doubles the chances of conceiving children with in vitro fertilization or other assisted human reproduction techniques!

How does stress affect fertility?

Stress is one of the causes of infertility, because it affects the normal functioning of several parts of the body and especially puts its mark on the female reproductive tract, affecting the ability to conceive children.
Hormonal imbalances are among the many negative effects of stress on the body. When the hormones are over the head, there is a risk of menstrual cycle disturbance, implication of ovulation - by the impossibility of delivering the egg at the right time. Even if ovulation occurs and the oocyte is released, stress can affect the nesting or implantation of the fertilized egg in the uterus, which impedes the evolution of pregnancy.
Besides the fact that infertility diagnosis puts pressure on both partners, there is also a good deal of stress caused by the necessary medical tests, expenses, in vitro fertilization techniques, sex programming and unsuccessful attempts to conceive.


How does hypnosis help treat infertility?

Whatever they try, not everyone manages to control the accumulation of stress in the body and is forced to cope with it. Here comes hypnosis, which has the role of relieving stress and anxiety, restoring hormonal balance and creating the perfect environment for your body to develop a pregnancy.
In addition, hypnosis also helps to treat or solve emotional or affective problems that could trigger stress - fears, depression, confusion, anger, etc., which can affect the optimal functioning of the body. Hypnotherapy helps to remove negative thoughts and emotions, which seem to have the power to influence the ability to conceive the much desired baby. The more you are pessimistic and think you will not succeed, the less the chances of getting pregnant. Hypnosis helps the subconscious to cope with the emotional traumas you go through and helps the body, as a whole, feel sufficiently "safe" and "healthy" to carry a pregnancy.
Even if there is no scientific evidence or data to prove that hypnosis restores fertility and under what conditions, it certainly helps to create an environment that is as emotionally harmonious as it helps the body to function properly. When you are relaxed, calm, devoid of fears and negative feelings, the body and mind work together to ensure a better health and thus increase the chances of conceiving the child.

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