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Jugglers, pottery and glassware workshops for children at the first urban balcony in Bucharest

Jugglers, pottery and glassware workshops for children at the first urban balcony in Bucharest

Fire shows and jugglers, pottery and glassware workshops for children at the first urban balcony in Bucharest

Balkanik Festival has a fairy tale wedding and to be able to dance for 3 days and 3 nights you need zdravana food to give you power. So, at the balconies we put for you extended meals and chosen food. From the Romanian cuisine, I have passed in the menu beans with ham, mackerel, sarmale and cabbage quality, from the Turkish one, as well as in Istanbul, kebap and gooseberries, and from the Hungarian one, papricas, gulas and berbecut at protap.

To follow the doctor's instructions, you should take two snacks a day, so I urge you to indulge in jams, pickles, cheeses, organic products, baclava, Turkish shit, cataif, peanuts, baked chestnuts, sugar wool, boiled corn, sweet cake and many other goodies to serve here or take home.

To relax your meal, you sit in the lounge area Tea & Coffee, where you can drink tea or coffee on the sand, while you sit at the taifa with the barista champions (the bartender specializing in coffee preparation) of Romania: Larentiu stefan - double national champion Barista, Ecaterina Szasz - national champion Cafea la ibric, Paul C. Ungureanu - 8th place at Coffe in Good Spirit and Alexandru Niculae - national champion at Brewes Cup.

When you come in threads, prove your skill and make clay pots, paint on the water or weave flower crowns. We thought not to get bored at all, so we provide you with live books, but also books with pages, the green grass to hang around and hammocks for sleeping. It is said that you will be lucky if you leave with a souvenir from the Balkanik Festival so choose something special, be it a shirt or accessories made from recycled materials, sweets, jewelry, brass jewelry and more.

We know for sure that you will love our surprises, so you will post dozens of photos on Facebook, but not necessarily with the hashtag # balciurban. I pulled the cart with straw to be handy, we loaded it with bales and provided you with mustaches of gypsies and beards, to get all your selfies.

For the children we did not find the rattlesnakes from the sawdust, but we will warm up a few games to leave with the red cheeks and the wide smile of delight after seeing the shows with fire, circus and juggling. It's just bales, not it. In the area dedicated to the little ones, At the harjoneala by Creative Arts, children can experience the potter's wheel, the glassware, the creation of gypsy ornaments and they can participate in dozens of workshops in the specific event. The little ones bring their shovels and shovels for the sand board!

You ate and rested, so now you are ready to dance. Shantel & Bucovina Club Orkestar, Kiril Dzajkovski, Django Lassi,? Asi Vorba, Mahala Rai Banda, Kottarashky & The Rain Dogs, plus many other guest artists will make sure you have a great time.

Therefore, we invite you to a long-term atmosphere, but with urban-inspired accents, during the Balkanik Festival 2014. We will see you at the first urban balcony in the history of Bucharest, between September 12 and 14, from 12: 00-23: 00, in Uranus Garden (Uranus Street no. 144) from Bucharest!

About the urban balkan from Balkanik Festival: The balconies of old were organized in the big cities around the holidays, so we make an urban balch in today's Bucharest, on the occasion of the beginning of autumn. We wait for you with a fair of traditional Romanian and Balkan food, with jams, pickles, cheeses, baclaval, Turkish shit, catapult, baked chestnuts and we also arrange the place of Haleala where you find more delicious food (beans with ham and paprika, Hungarian goulash, paprika , but also a drink at protap, kebap, balik yemek and Turkish gourmets). You can relax in the Tea & Coffee lounge area, where you can sip tea or coffee on the sand, while staying at the taifa with the barista champions of Romania. At the Craft and Handmade Fair we expect you with ornaments and decorations created by craftsmen and craftsmen, and we amaze the children with shows with fire, circus and jugglers. Children and younger are invited to try the potter's wheel, glassware or other workshops in tune with the festival. I even created a special selfie area. I pulled the straw cart to be handy, loaded it with bales and provided you with mustaches and gypsies, to feel like you are at the Balkanik Festival. All you have to do is take dozens of photos and the best ones to upload to Facebook with the hashtag #balciurban.

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