How your child gets in touch with technology. 5 recommendations

How your child gets in touch with technology. 5 recommendations

Children are starting to get in touch with technology from an increasingly early age. From the moment they manage to hold in their hands the first object, the little ones are drawn like a magnet to the electronic devices around them - remote control, phones, tablets, etc.

Starting with the first steps, the main point of attraction is the TV or the computer, in front of which hours would be posted in a row, without interruption. Don't let your child discover these electronic devices alone and use them at will. Introduce them with caution and measure in his life, at the right age!

Get acquainted with the technology at the right age

The child begins to leave his fingerprints on the tablet or laptop from the age of 1 or 2 anisors. He has been using the remote control or smartphone since he developed his first fine motor skills.

However, it is not advisable to let him get in touch with the technology at a very young age. Specialists advise you to wait until preschool to introduce the technology among the child's concerns. Under 3 anisors, the child is too small to understand how these devices work.

By this age, it is recommended that the learning process be mediated by experience, by exploring the senses and by interacting with others. They are essential in the process of his physical, emotional, social and even intellectual development.

The unmeasured state in front of the computer contributes, in the best case, to the intellectual development, but not to the social or physical development of the little one. On the contrary, it promotes sedentaryism and encourages addiction to these gadgets.

Find out what are the benefits of introducing technology into the child's life

At the age of 3 anisors, the child is ready to get in touch with the technology and has the benefit of exploring and manipulating these devices. In the modern era, preschoolers are already becoming active media users.

To properly introduce technology into your child's life, it is important to know why the child is benefiting from it. Through e-books, tablets, laptops specially designed for children and other electronic devices with which he contacts, the child can improve his memory.

He can learn good manners and new information and has the opportunity to learn a lot of other important intellectual skills. The child learns, with the help of certain electronic devices, to read faster, to number and identify letters, animals and other things, and based on the games with talking characters, develops his vocabulary and language.

Supervise the time spent in front of the gadgets and the content to which it is exposed

The benefits of using the latest generation gadgets in the development of the child appear only when they are introduced with the measure and under close supervision in the child's program. The child should not be allowed to discover them alone and to use them at will.

Exposure of children to electronic devices should be moderated and carefully controlled by parents. You, as a parent, need to be involved in how the child discovers and uses electronic devices, especially at an early age.

Controlling the time spent in front of them and checking the content to which they are exposed are essential for the prevention of computer or TV addiction, which have become a major danger today among young people everywhere.

The time spent daily in front of the TV or computer should not exceed more than 30-60 minutes for children aged 4-5 years, no more than one hour for those aged 6-7 years and never more than 2 hours for adolescents.

Exposure to content appropriate to his age, both on TV and computer, teaches him how to use them responsibly and protects him from dangers. Monitoring the time spent in front of them and imposing clear rules on how to use them are two important measures that must be taken from the first moment the child reaches these devices.

Get actively involved in the child's contact with technology

Observe the child and see what electronic devices he is attached to at a young age. Then start to introduce them responsibly into his program. Certainly, the remote control, the TV and the computer are among the first technological preferences of the child.

Explain to them, in the first phase, what they use and how to enjoy them in an educational way. It is important that from the beginning you inoculate the child with the idea that they are only used for educational purposes and that he can learn many interesting things from them.

Be a partisan in the child's experience with the electronic devices they come into contact with! It is not advisable to let him enjoy games or applications on tablets as he pleases.

Get involved directly. Ask him questions about the respective games. Ask him if he likes and encourage him to find solutions to the obstacles he encounters in games. Highlight to him the important things he has the opportunity to learn from the respective games. The same involvement of parents is also necessary when the child is watching TV.

Be a positive role model for your child!

If you do not want to raise a child dependent on electronic devices, then do not make any of them a priority in your life. The small child learns most easily by imitating those around him. If you are always surrounded by the latest generation of phones, laptops, tablets, TVs and other gadgets and you spend most of your time using them, your child will follow your example.

Specialists remind parents that, although technology has its educational benefits for the youngest, even at a young age, parents should not underestimate the importance of outdoor play, reading or other types of games and toys in the toddler's recreational program.

The diversity of recreational and educational activities in the daily program of the child contributes to a harmonious and healthy development of the little one.

At what age did you first "acquaint" your child with technology? How do you monitor and control the time spent by the little one in front of these devices? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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