The uneducated coconut flies to Pitesti

The uneducated coconut flies to Pitesti

In the new season 2014-2015, the most beloved performance of the Excelsior Theater is on its way again. After a remarkable success at the end of this summer, at the National Carabus Children's Festival in Braila, the non-listening Cocosel is invited to the 4th edition of the "Aschiuta" Children's Theater Festival, which is held will take place from September 12 to 14, in Pitesti. The Excelsior Theater will play in the elegant hall of the “Al. Davila ”, Sunday, September 14, from 5 pm, on the last day of the festival.

The history of the disobedient Cocosel is confused with the fate of the late master Ion Lucian. The song was written almost half a century ago and has been a huge success, knowing several versions with different distributions. It was performed with arcade halls in theaters in Bucharest and in the country, and delighted audiences in France (Paris, Caen, Rennes), Canada (Montreal), Belgium (Brussels) and Japan (Osaka).

Now it is in the repertoire of the Excelsior Theater - since its establishment in April 1990 -, being the longest-running performance of the theater, a spectacle-phenomenon.

The director belongs to Ion Lucian and Victor Radovici, the scenery is created by stefan Parvulescu, and the music bears the unmistakable signature of the actor and composer Vasile Menzel. The current cast consists of the actors: Mihaela Coveseanu (Cocoselul), Ciprian Cojenel (Ursuletul), Cosmina Dobrota (Motanelul), Stelian Milu (Vulpoiul), Veronica Popescu (Mamuta Labuta) and Marian Radulescu (Corbul).

Recently, the Romanian Broadcasting Society, has put on a digital record a record of the song from 1961, having it distributed, among others, Genoveva Preda. The CD is accompanied by a graphic novel - comics - signed by the young artist Alexandru Ciubotariu.

Moreover, the National Opera Theater "Ion Dacian" in Bucharest has in his repertoire a musical with the libretto after the play of Ion Lucian, the opera for children by Constantin Ungureanu.

Like a stain of color, the masterpiece of Ion Lucian, the disobedient Cocosel is in the secondary school textbooks of the Spanish schools.

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