The power of words over our children

The power of words over our children

Have you ever wondered how great the power of your words is?

Pay attention to the sensations in your body. Pay attention to what you feel when you say:

"I have to clean my desk"

"I need to clean my desk"

"It's worth getting clean on the desk"

"I'll try to clean the office"

"I clean the office"

It is very possible that, when saying the word "must", you may have felt a tension and a certain unpleasant sensation of constraint in your body.

Similarly, in the case of the statement "I will try" you may have felt insecurity, fear or lack of confidence.

The reactions of your body to the words you hear are instantaneous, and the way you load yourself with energy or make you lose energy is sometimes very difficult to control. This is due to the way you learned that word in childhood, and the emotion provoked is exactly that experienced in childhood.

Therefore, than trying to control this, it is much easier to completely remove from your vocabulary words such as: MUST and TRY.

What do you want for your child?

To feel compelled to do a certain thing, to be deprived of energy and confidence? Or to feel his own master, to be confident and energetic?

If the second option sounds better to you, I recommend that you remove the words INCERC and TREE from your vocabulary.

Other words that you should give up:

SPER (in churches there are millions of poor people, and when I say poverty, I do not mean only money, who prays and hopes, but who do not have what they want because they do NOT ACT)

IN A DAY (hope without definite term)

I WISH (it's as if I expect someone else to fulfill my wish)




At first it will be very difficult for you. The word will come as if it were alone on your lips, in an impossible way to stop it. The good news I give you is that as you become more and more aware of the moments when you use these words, you will be able to stop them.

In the first phase you will hear when you say them, without being able to change that. In the second phase you will become aware as you speak them. In the third phase you will succeed in stopping them from telling them, when they are on your lips, and you will look awkward to replace them with other words. In the fourth phase you will say other words without making any effort.

And so, in time, you will be able to completely remove these two very harmful words from your vocabulary. You just need patience to make this change.

The effect on your children will be extraordinary, because you will keep them from all those negative emotions that these two words bring with them.

We talk about such things in our workshops with parents. We are aware of the importance of words and we pay attention to the words we use in communicating with our children.

If you are curious to see what we do in these workshops, sign up for the group that starts on February 21st!

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