How to be a mom with technology

How to be a mom with technology

The challenges of modern society are greater than ever for parents because of explosive technological evolution. Because you cannot categorically forbid your child to use state-of-the-art information and relaxation, it is important to learn how to closely control the activity of a vulnerable minor. Here's how to be a mother in step with technology, for the safety of your child.

Every day, there is a new element of interest in the landscape. Leapsa, played behind the block with neighbors, was replaced with video games and social networking sites. Fortunately, you don't have to become a true expert in the digital world to be with your little one.

You have certainly heard of the virtual crime targeting children of growing age. On top of that, you are worried that the little one will come in contact with information that is inappropriate for his or her age, which can keep them from the pure childhood you have fully enjoyed. Follow the steps below and become acquainted with the technology, in order to defeat the harmful factors with them:

The location of the computer

It does not allow, under any form, the way in which the computer is in your child's room. You will not always be able to engage in his privacy to observe his concerns, and when you do, you are at risk of a conflict taking over.

Position the computer in an open space (the living room or the living room are the perfect options), so that the monitor can be easily observed from the outside.

Access to virtual fun

Establish, in agreement with your child, what is the appropriate time interval in which he will have access to virtual fun. Make sure it is at a time of day when at least one adult is at home.

Join his universe

Instead of criticizing his passion for technology, join your universe. Ask your child to guide you in the online environment, create an account on all the social networking sites where it activates and you will understand how it enchants him. While showing your enthusiasm, you can watch it discreetly.

Strengthen the close connection between you, showing your willingness to learn new things: how to play with him on the console, how to watch funny videos on youtube, etc. You could understand more than you think his passion for technology.

Secure your computer

Ask a person with abilities in this regard to secure your computer against information that is inappropriate for the child, such as blocking sites with indecent or violent content in the browser. Also, a whole series of programs records any activity performed on the computer, 24 hours a day: used programs, written texts, accessed video and audio files and viewed web pages.

Set rules for any digital device

Take care to provide your child with digital devices appropriate to his or her age: mobile phones, computers, tablets and other such equipment are useful and natural, but at the same time. In addition, it is important to enforce their responsible use.

Discreetly check the browser history that your child uses to access web pages. Explain in detail the dangers associated with virtual interaction with strangers, possibly malicious ones. Do not allow him to upload photos without your permission and explain the importance of observing these limits for his and your family's safety.

Stay as close to your child in the age of technology!

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