Signs that make you feel like you're a parent for the first time

Signs that make you feel like you're a parent for the first time

People who first experience parenting can be recognized remotely and without much effort by anyone. The inexperience of the beginners in the parental frame makes many present a special picture of behaviors related to the safety of the children, the attention and the education offered to them, but also to the way in which they choose to live their life.

Here are the signs that give you the impression that you are part of the group of beginner parents!

Don't let anyone come in contact with the child

When you are a first time parent, you are extremely selective in choosing the people who take the baby in his arms, who hug him or who simply touch him. Make sure they have been washed at least twice on their hands (for added security), do not allow them to kiss even on the forehead and you are keeping their eyes on something more than your most precious treasure.

You are exaggerated with the protection and safety measures

Your home is cleaner and disinfected than a hospital operating unit in which the surgery is carried out, it is equipped with the latest equipment to ensure an optimal level of humidity in the child's room and suddenly becomes adept at bio-feeding. Carefully read the label of any product that comes into contact with the child, whether it is a toy, cardboard box or bottle and return to work only if you are forced by circumstances, as no one seems to be suitable to take care of the little one. .

Go with the child to the doctor for anything

When you are a beginner parent, it seems to you that any sneezing, crying or grumbling of the child is a medical symptom that announces a disease. This is how you get to go to the doctor with almost anything, which does not happen when you are with the second or third child.

All your discussions lead to ... baby

It is assumed that when you go out with your friends or go on a two-way vacation, you should disconnect from your parent's life. If you are in this position for the first time, it is impossible for you to do it. Therefore, if you put a beginner parent in a circle of different people, they will easily recognize him, as any discussion, whether it is about food, movies, relationships or service, inevitably leads to a discussion about his child.

You invade the Internet of photos and posts with and about the child

Do your socializing pages abound in photos with the child and in "news" announcing each new gesture that the little one makes? It is clear that you are a beginner parent, who is just discovering the joys of raising a child and is eager to share them with everyone around him, whether the information and photos are interesting or not. If it were up to you, you would post every gesture of the child, because all of them seem really overwhelming and fascinating.

You haven't missed a book with and about children

Your library gives out books with and about raising and caring for the child and they are not just there for "trinkets". You devoured them from bark to bark, because you are a fresh parent and you do not want to make mistakes in the way you care for your child. God forbid you should not use cotton towels when you wipe it or that the bottle should not be anti-alcoholic, is it?

Give your child everything that is more expensive and new

When you are a first time parent, do not look at how much you spend on toys, food, clothes or care products. You follow the principle that one of the parental duties is to give the child all the best in the world. When you become a second parent, you realize, however, that it is not important to offer everything, but only what is really useful to him. You also realize that not the most expensive car is the source of joy for your child, but the time spent with him and the hugs of love are the most important thing that awaits you.

You don't plan to stay a day without it

However you recommend your friends to plan a vacation with your partner or to abandon at least one day "parenting" job and to refrain from diapers and baby bottles, you can not break away from the child. You are addicted to it and do not last more than an hour in his absence. It is clear that you are the first child. Parents who have more children are just waiting to find a "window" in the program, to escape, at least a few hours, from the care of the little ones and never say NO to a vacation with friends or life partner.

You know the age of the child, in years, weeks, days and even hours

Beginner parents have a special calendar when it comes to children. If those who have two or three children are barely able to remember the birth dates of each individual, when you have only one child, monitoring the years since birth is not enough for you. When someone asks you how old your child is, you tend to answer "9 months, 3 weeks, 5 days and almost 12 hours."

You panic and shame when the child has a fit of anger in public

Nothing is more embarrassing for a beginner parent than to be caught off guard when the child has his or her first access to anger in public. You see it in the face and gestures that he is panicked, red in the face and constantly apologizing in front of the witness audience for the "hostile" behavior of the little boy. These reactions do not exist in experienced parents, because they know exactly how to approach the child or what to do to prevent or diminish the behavioral manifestations that are triggered when he or she has a hysteria.

You are always tired and sleepy

Exaggerated care for the child, the inability to detach from the parenting tasks and to relax, but also the endless list of things to do in the home will quickly and safely lead to exhaustion. You start to wonder if you will ever enjoy a shopping session "like a book", if you read another book in this life and if you manage to sleep at least 6 hours a night.

Do you know any other signs that are "finger-pointing" to beginner parents? How do you realize that a person is a parent for the first time? Tell us your suggestions in the comments section below!

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