Myths and realities about the immune system

Myths and realities about the immune system

The immune system is the strongest weapon with which the body is protected from the attack of free radicals and serious diseases. Immunity can be strengthened through a lot of natural remedies and healthy living habits. Among these, several myths have crept in over time, which can often weaken the body's resistance to disease. Learn to separate the truth from myths, to protect your health properly!

Consumption of fruits and vegetables strengthens the immune system

Truth! Daily consumption of fruits and vegetables is mandatory in the menu of any person, whether it is a child or an adult. Their main benefit is that it provides the body with essential nutrients that stimulate the proper functioning of the organs and protect them from diseases. Fruits and vegetables are found to have one of the most potent immunostimulatory effects.

Vitamin C prevents colds and flu

Myth! Vitamin C is one of the highly praised nutrients for immunostimulatory properties. However, doctors warn that there is no scientific evidence to substantiate the theory that this nutrient strengthens the body so strongly that it is far from cold or flu.

In addition, experts say that not all people tolerate vitamin C very well and that, for a better strengthening of immunity, it should be combined with other nutrients, in acceptable doses, to prevent abuse, which can be harmful.

Optimism strengthens immunity

Truth! A good mood makes you healthier and stronger in the face of disease than many other products used to strengthen immunity. According to specialists, positive thoughts and optimism increase the body's resistance to infections.

The immune system lets your guard down in the face of pessimism and negative attitude, which attract diseases like a magnet.

Vitamin-fortified drinks strengthen immunity

Myth! Many people try to combine the useful with pleasure when it comes to helping the body fight infections. They replace fruits and vegetables with soft drinks or fortified commerce with all kinds of nutrients. What I don't know is that they are of little help in strengthening immunity.

Apart from the fact that the doses of vitamins provided through them are almost insignificant, they are even harder to assimilate in the body than when they come directly from the source - that is, from vegetables and fruits.

Sport does not influence the body's immune system

Myth! Despite the theories that physical movement is useless for strengthening the body's immunity, experts have shown that sport makes its full contribution in preventing diseases and increasing resistance to infections. Regular physical activity helps regulate your blood pressure, prevents heart disease and helps you to have optimal weight.

All these benefits stimulate the body's functions and help it fight effectively against the attack of free radicals.

Food supplements are essential for strengthening the immune system

Myth! Vitamin supplements play an essential role in increasing the body's resistance to disease only when your diet is low in vitamins and minerals. If you have a healthy diet rich in foods high in essential nutrients, multivitamins can become dangerous to your health. Seek food supplements only if your doctor recommends them!

All diseases occur against a weakened immune system

Myth! Although a weakened immune system favors the onset of many diseases in the body, specialists warn that the assumption is wrong that all diseases occur due to problems related to immunity. There are other factors or causes that are the basis of the onset of pathologies, depending on the medical particularities of each individual.

Uncontrolled sun exposure weakens the immune system

Truth! Scientists have succeeded in demonstrating how the sun's rays affect the body's immunity and found that excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays does not only predispose to skin cancer, but also weakens resistance to disease. UV rays suppress the functions of the immune system and predispose the body to infections.

However, it is not advisable to completely avoid the sun's rays, as they are essential for the production of vitamin D in the body. It is best to expose yourself in a controlled manner and take care to protect your skin properly from the harmful effect of UV rays.

Cold symptoms are more pronounced when you have a weakened immune system

Myth! Specialists shed light on the myth that cold symptoms are more severe when immunity is low. It seems that things are just the opposite. The intensity of the symptoms of the virus does not depend on how strong or weak the immune system is, but on how it reacts to the influenza virus that has entered the body. In other words, severe cold symptoms occur when the immune system is stronger.

The cold weakens the immune system

Myth! Another false theory is that weakening of the immune system would be caused by low temperatures. Specialists have shown that exposure to cold has a minimal impact on immunity. The myth came about because of the increased number of colds and flu in cold seasons.

In reality, however, doctors argue that the lifestyle - sleep, nutrition, sport - are the ones that put their mark on the immune system and the way it fights diseases.

The weakening of the immune system is caused by insufficient sleep

Truth! Deprivation of the sleep organism has a lot of negative effects on health, the most affected system being immunity. The functions of the immune system are impaired when the body does not rest sufficiently. Sleep plays an essential role in stimulating immunity, so you should take the advice of your doctor when you recommend sleeping at least 7 hours a day.

Do you know any other myths or truths about the immune system? Share your suggestions in the comments section below!

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