A single mother can move mountains out of place

A single mother can move mountains out of place

"The moment a child was born, the mother was born. She didn't exist before. The woman had existed, but not the mother. A mother is something completely new."

You see them everywhere. You love their presence. They look like nicely packaged candies. They have one something that attracts you. They have a force that they are not aware of sometimes. They are gods and Spartans at the same time. You cannot refrain from wanting them, not wanting them, because they have a special way of loving, they can show intense and profound states of compassion whenever necessary, they are spontaneous, they are always able to give themselves total, in an intense and profound way.
In this life, there are some rules, some laws, which many follow with sanctity. There are rules learned from father to son and mother to daughter, rules from which we dare not obey.
We get married, we have children and we expect to get old. It doesn't matter if we are happy or not, but we cannot deviate from what we have been taught, as it seems, what the world will tell you.
We live in times when the rules and make them each, laws that are violated, and the number of divorces is growing more and more, because the world is no longer found, it is getting more and more distant from them, running bezmetics to the "nowhere country". . And look, there are more and more mothers raising their children alone.
I think these times will wake us up, make us turn to us. We forget how important we are, valuable and that nowhere is it better than the return to us, in us. We do too much for others and forget who we are, what we want, and what our purpose is here.
It is not easy to be a "single" mother, but you can see the beautiful part of this whole situation. And dear to her, mom, she's never alone. She has next to the most important jewelry in the world, her baby.
Being a single mother can be difficult, but also sublime. When you are a single mother everything falls on you, the hard part is no longer divided by 2, but only on you. Now, it depends on everyone how this "hard" thing looks. Although you are alive, there are times when you run out of air, you are overwhelmed by all the hard work, but because you are a woman, you can overcome anything, you always find resources to get you back. One of those resources is your child.
In time, I learned that in any difficult part it is easy, that is, to be able to overcome all the obstacles, it is good to go with the steps known only by yourself, at your own pace and to take everything as it comes and to be grateful for everything you have, as much as you have.
A single mother can move the mountains from the place, she can fight with all known and unknown dragon. And this, because of the immeasurable love for her children. Love that many people cannot feel.
A mother, although she is "alone" is always sure, that loneliness is only a form.
And to conclude in a cheerful tone, one day I told my boy that we are the best friends. It's just that he doesn't quite understand how to be friends with your mother, and he says to me, "you are not my friend, you are my parents."

After all, a single mother is for her child, his parents.

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