ABC of parenting today (2)

ABC of parenting today (2)


Uterine cervical cancer

Cervical cancer is a topic of interest, but quite controversial among modern parents. The campaign to vaccinate girls against HPV (human papilloma virus) has sparked numerous controversy over safety and side effects and divided parents into two camps: those who have accepted the immunization of children and those who have campaigned against this campaign.

The vaccination decision remains at the discretion of the parents, which should be thoroughly informed about this method, considered by many doctors as the safest way to avoid a diagnosis often fatal at maturity, as HPV infection is already spread to 80% of sexually active women.

Nest instinct

Nesting is a generally experienced pregnancy during the last trimester of pregnancy. It is characterized by the acute need for ordering and organizing things through the house, to create a home that is as friendly and harmonious as possible for the future child.

But the researchers have shown that the nesting instinct can be prolonged even after birth, manifested by the need for mothers to protect their babies and to provide them with the safest environment for growth and development.

And even the tactics are touched by this intense experience, being willing to make a lot of changes in their lives, to ensure that their families do not miss anything.

Stem cells

Stem cells are one of the main concerns of modern parents, more specifically, of future parents. Increasingly numerous researches and spectacular discoveries related to the healing properties of these cells in the body on incurable diseases are extremely convincing for many future parents, making them choose to harvest them at birth.

These cells - embryonic or adult - have the ability to transform into cells necessary for the functioning of any organ, becoming one of the revolutionary treatments of modern medicine.

The community

The community is the virtual space from which any modern parent "leaves" informed, helped and guided to the best decisions. The site has become the practical guide and reliable help of modern parents in any problem related to health, conception, pregnancy, birth or children.

Always updated with articles and information of interest and topicality, gathered under his dome many parents eager to share experiences, exchange impressions and throw a "talk" to help the least experienced, in dilemmas or confusions .


The co-sleeping or sharing of the conjugal bed with the baby is a rather "hot" topic among modern parents. Neither specialists are completely clear about the advantages or risks that this habit is increasingly adopted by parents, but it is certain that sleeping in the same hair with the child does not work in all families.

Parental control

In an age when the Internet is entering the lives of children from an increasing age, modern parents are increasingly hit by the English expression "parental control", which specialists recommend for protecting children in the online environment. These are parental control programs that must be installed to monitor, limit and ensure the protection of children during their time in the virtual environment.


The term "craft" has captured the magazines and specialized sites for children. More and more modern parents are getting hit by this concept which translates to "craft".

The term encompasses the child's manual work activities - making decorations, greeting cards, etc. - and helps to develop the imagination, creativity and dexterity of the little ones.



The diversification of nutrition is a moment of companionship in the parenting experience. The move from simple milk tables to solid nutrition, sprinkled with numerous rules, is still one of the parents' current problems.

In addition, the controversy surrounding the passage of children to organic foods still rages among parents eager to provide children with good quality food, despite the fact that some studies do not indicate major differences between ordinary and eco-friendly products.


Depression is an increasingly common word on the lips of parents, doctors and researchers in recent years. Despite efforts to find solutions to "eradicate" this emotional condition, researchers are assisting the powerless in expanding the phenomenon worldwide, both in children and adults.

The pressure of increasingly stressful and complex life in the modern era puts too much pressure on the shoulders of parents, and emotional tensions inevitably extend to the young child, in turn, troubled by his own worries and problems.


Discipline - a subject that is always current, which brings out white hairs for parents, regardless of the time when their children grew up. Time-out discipline, positive, no punishment, permissive, authoritative - from one generation to another of children, specialists are trying to discover and develop new disciplinary methods, adapted to the current needs of the little ones.



Emo is a word that gives cold back to parents in the modern era. The current, launched in the 1980s, in the United Kingdom, became current in Romania a few years ago, following some suicides in the chain of some adolescent followers of this trend.

Although many associate it with fashion and eccentric clothing, predominantly black, weird hairstyles, breton in the eyes, etc., emo is rather a lifestyle adopted by young people who are troubled by emotional and confused problems.


Drugs are one of the most delicate topics that the modern parent should discuss with children before they enter adolescence.

From the varied range of drugs that exist on the "market", one can notice the ethnobotanicals, which have been transformed into a trend.

Hallucinogenic plants are a temptation of more and more modern teenagers and young people, who believe, in their naivety, that they are not dangerous, as they are considered legal and can be bought without problems from any street corner.

Modern parents are forced to give early education to their children about the dangers and risks they face when they get caught in the mirage of these light drugs.

Helicopter parent

Helicopter parenting is a current style of parenting that has attracted increasing attention from specialists, because of the adoption of this method of raising children among more and more modern families. It is the parent who oversees and protects the child excessively, restricting his freedom of choice or free expression.

It is also the parent who makes decisions instead of the child, controls the whole program and is perfectionist by nature. It is not the best way to raise a child, say specialists, who warns that, despite good intentions, this style of parenting affects the child's self-esteem and self-esteem, as well as his or her social development.


Eco, bio, organic - there are tendencies after which many parents are guided in raising and caring for the child. If in the past, the concept eco (eco) was referring only to food (designating products or foods grown or prepared under unpolluted conditions, without fertilizers and chemicals, only with 100% natural foods), at present, the eco stream has also included the clothing field, of care products, toys, etc.

As with organic products, there are many controversies regarding the adoption of these products in the care of the child in a world where the little one cannot avoid all the unhealthy products with which he contacts every step.

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