ABC of parenting today (3)

ABC of parenting today (3)


Fast food

Fast food is the phenomenon that is attracting more and more attention and entering the preferences of children today, to the desperation of parents, who are often devoid of solutions to the invasion of such products.

The struggle between trying to develop healthy eating habits for the child and the intense promotion enjoyed by fast food restaurants makes it difficult for them to keep their little one away from this type of practical, fast food, on the run, but vicious.


Facebook is a growing global concern among parents and children alike. It is a large and homogeneous "database", in which even small children are "enrolled", without discernment.

The problem of creating a Facebook account for young children (babies, newborns, preschoolers) and the risks to the safety and protection of the privacy of the little ones is still a controversy between specialists.

The fact is that before you make an account for your child or upload pictures with him on your Facebook page, it is good to make sure they are private and take responsibility for your gesture.

Family (types)

Today, we are witnessing the reversal of all traditional family values. The nuclear family - consisting of married parents, with children - it begins to disappear, gradually, its place being taken by many other types of modern families: single parents, mixed, recombined, with same-sex parents, single parents and so on

The couple has undergone many transformations over time, and marriage has become an increasingly devalued institution. However, most of the controversy arises today in the case of single parents and parents of the same sex, because of the emotional effects they have on the emotional development of children.


Fertility is another term that parents (or future parents) often hit when trying to start a family. Due to the increasing age at which many women choose to become mothers, but also to the stressful and chaotic lifestyle, more and more modern couples are having problems conceiving the baby, facing the cruel diagnosis of infertility.

They do, they want to know, and they become familiar with assisted human reproduction techniques (in vitro fertilization, artificial insemination, intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), blastocyst transfer, etc.), thus discovering the most unusual methods of bringing a child into the world. .

Finger Food

Finger Food is an English term that has penetrated a lot in our culture, more precisely in the vocabulary of modern parents who have babies and young children.

In fact, it is about the snacks that are introduced to the child's diet along with the diversification, until the age of 4-5 years, when almost all the foods can be eaten, without the risk of drowning.

For younger children, finger food snacks should be healthy, nutritious and large enough to hold in their own hands and snack on their own.


Cigarettes and smoking have begun to infiltrate among the behaviors of children from an increasingly young age (from secondary schools), becoming a worrying phenomenon among young people.

As with drugs, modern parents should initiate discussions with the child about smoking and about the harmful effects of this addiction from early childhood (with examples and tools appropriate to his level of understanding) and be always a positive example for him.



Gadgets or electronics have invaded, as well as social networks, the lives of all modern families. Manufacturers began to develop gadgets adapted even for children only 1-2 years old, and schools introduced laptops, tablets and e-books among the pedagogical materials or among the subjects studied in class.

Limiting access and time spent by the child in the company of these devices is the best way to avoid the slippery slope in which the little one becomes dependent on them and is exposed to health risks.



As well as emo, hippie or grunge, hipssterismul is an extremely fashionable trend among teenagers today. It is characterized by wide, inscribed T-shirts, strong color combinations, vintage accessories, strange friezes and in general, unconventional dress choices, which they call "cool".

Unlike emo, which hides young people whose sinister dress choices are the expressions of emotional problems they face, hipsters are the happy, colorful, creative generation, with artistic inclinations.

Modern parents need to keep up to date with fashion trends when buying clothes for their children.


Homosexuality is one of the delicate topics that go through the thoughts of many parents horrified by the idea that their little ones will not develop such a behavioral deviation.

Unfortunately, the subject is very little externalized or debated by them, either because they are ashamed to approach it, or because they are afraid. Many of them get to ask themselves "is my child gay?" when they see that the child prefers to play, dress or use things specific to the opposite sex, even before they reach the age at which they discover their sexual identity.

It is a useless subject to tackle in early childhood or adolescence, when children are still in strong emotional tranches, are overwhelmed by confusion and trying to discover themselves and find an answer to the question "who am I?".


Hobbies or passions - things that should be more emphasized and stimulated in the growth of the modern child, say the specialists. Cultivating the child's hobbies is important in developing creativity, thinking, insight, social, physical, cognitive skills and helps in learning some essential life lessons and skills (responsibility, independence).

Modern parents should use the child's hobbies as a tool in the child's education and discipline and as a way to keep him away from the harmful temptation of online sedentaryism or addiction.


Halloween is, without a doubt, one of the concerns of modern parents. Although it is a borrowed holiday in America, parents are eager to help their children discover more about the culture and traditions of other countries, but also provide them with an opportunity for fun and enjoyment.

In addition, the activities associated with this holiday - costumes, decorations, cooking, pumpkin carving - are also methods by which a lot of children's motor and intellectual abilities can be developed.

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