The types of friends any mother needs

The types of friends any mother needs

The good friend at all does not exist or is a rare species, on the way to extinction. Toxic people have nothing to do with your life when you are a mother, so it is important to carefully choose the friends around you. Limited time and patience do not allow you to have people around you who cannot help you when you need them or who keep in touch with you only out of interest. However, there are some types of friends that every mom seems to need!

Girlfriend without children

You definitely need such a friend in your life. When you get tired of friends with moms, who don't talk about anything other than the last buzz of the baby and what food they have prepared for him, you need the childless woman. It is the person who disconnects you a bit from the "children's universe" and who keeps you up to date with news outside of what parents mean to children. From it you can find the latest gossip about lovers, celebrities or about the newest and fancy bars or restaurants in the city.

Girlfriend with a smaller child than yours

It helps you to position yourself on a level of superiority over her and ... you feel good. You have already overcome many of the difficult times she is facing and you are already an expert. You feel good to give more advice, not just to receive, and to see that someone asks for your opinion. It means that you did a good job with your child and that increases your self-esteem!

Girlfriend with a bigger kid than yours

On the other hand, it does not hurt to have a friend who has a bigger child than yours. Not only are her experiences a "mirror" of what awaits you, but you can also receive a good tip for later. Find out news about places to buy supplies, clothes, educational toys for school and other useful information that you have not needed so far.

The mother of the child who is friends with yours

Did your child discover a good friend in a colleague from kindergarten or school? Do your best to get close to his mother and make her your friend. Set up outings in the park or play meetings to invite them together. During your time with her, you can quietly drink a coffee and talk about the wants and the unwanted, as your children understand too well to squeeze in a question or request.

Friend with mother-in-law worse than yours

Nobody accuses you unless you have an exceptional relationship with your mother-in-law. The relationships between grandchildren and mother-in-law tend to be the ones where most sparks come out, especially because of differences in opinion regarding child care. Do not allow yourself to externalize your feelings in front of her every time, therefore, you reject them resigned.

But when you feel you are no longer resisting, you can always call the friend who has much bigger problems with your mother-in-law than yours. You can unload your nerves and get rid of the resentments you have accumulated over time. In addition, you will feel more fortunate when you hear how much she suffered with her mother-in-law and come to the conclusion that maybe yours is not as bad as you thought.

My best friend

It is important to have a very good friend in your life. She is the friend who knows you in all situations and situations, even before being a mother, wife, etc. The reason why you need it? She is the one who reads your thoughts and knows exactly what you need, at the right time.

He realizes the tone of your voice whether you are good or not and always has the remedy at hand to make you feel good. It is comforting to have in your life a person who accepts you as you are, with good and bad, with stubbornness, with problems, etc., without having to justify them in front of her.

Career Girlfriend

At the moment, your career or professional approach is probably in "pause", if you chose to dedicate yourself exclusively to raising the child in his first years of life. But that doesn't mean you have to give it up completely. And a friend dedicated to the body and soul of his career will help you keep the "ball in play".

Her success and passion will give you thought and meditation on the trajectory your career will take when you return to work. It will be an incentive to your life beyond a parent or wife and you can only say "thank you" for having such a friend in your life.

Eternal optimistic friend

It is the friend who has an effect similar to that of a pill of energy, vitality and confidence. She is the one who always sees the full part of the glass and who feeds with much optimism. And if you tend to be a more pessimistic yarn and often fall into the melancholy jar, it is good to believe that she will always be there to "fish" you and bring you to better thoughts.

Friend doctor

The friend who is a medical professional is always good at the man's house, and if he is a pediatrician, the better. Why? Because you know you can call her at 3 at night and she will answer you if you have a medical problem with the little one, because she will always give you a pill "under the hand" or at a lower price, when you do not find it or it is very expensive etc.

You can consider yourself happy to have a doctor in your circle of friends and it is worth investing time and effort in such a friendship.

Friendly "worldly"

You need, without just and maybe, a friend with an active social life, to get you out of the routine you tend to get into when you have a child. She is the one who knows all the interesting events and places in the city and helps you to "taste" life other than you are used to. It is the one that reactivates your social life and helps you recharge your energy and vitality. And if you are a single mom, it is also your opportunity to meet a man and start a family.

What other types of friends do you think a mom should have? How many of them do you have in your life and what are the benefits they offer you? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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