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Valentine's Day greeting cards made by children

Valentine's Day greeting cards made by children

Valentine's Day greetings are a nice and exciting way to declare the affection of your loved ones. Both girls and boys can create spectacular greetings, gossip and dragons for their Valentines or Valentines, but also for parents, grandparents and all loved ones in their lives!



One of the ways your little one will impress any little girl is to create a cute butterfly as a greeting card.

The little girls love the butterflies, and in order to achieve it, the child needs only a few things:

red cardboard paper;

a piece of cardboard;



a scissor.

Help him to draw on the red paper two contours of the heart, and then cut them out. From the same paper the antennas of the butterfly are cut.

From the cardboard a rectangle is made, representing the body of the butterfly and the hearts sticking out like wings.

The antennas are also glued to one end of the rectangle, and then, with the help of the cariots, a Valentine's Day message is written and all kinds of cute hearts are colored.

Congratulation sewed with ... heart


Packing a piece of colored paper in two and then drawing something on it or writing a love message is simple, but also lacking in creativity.

Your child can impress anyone, if the piece of colored paper, which has become a greeting card, has in the middle, on the front, a heart sewn with colored thread.

Make a fascinating game of colors, using colored paper in one way, another shade and multicolored crayons.

Play with the most creative messages and don't forget to send it quickly ... Valentine's Day is so close!

The heart that comes to life


Here is an ingenious and nascent idea that you can suggest to your little one. It is about a heart (actually an eye-heart) that has sleeves and feet, because it is ready to get to Valentina or Valentinul your child as soon as possible.

Help him cut the heart out of red cardboard. Make 4 holes with the drill.

Create 2 sleeves and 2 legs with braided red thread and attach them to the heart. Then draw the eye.

In one of the handcuffs, you can attach a colored label, on which the prince will write a funny message "I am with your eyes ... do you want to be my Valentine?" or "I saw you, did you like me ... do you want to be my Valentine?"

Sagittarius of love


Greeting in the form of an arrow is nice and aims right where you need it ... to the heart of the one or who will receive it.

It is made very simple, from a drinking straw, which has 2 red hearts stuck in the ends, pointed in the same direction, and in the middle, a larger heart on which the message is written.

Sweet and sticky love

An amusing greeting and with great "glue" to the children is a jagged heart, on which is written a thematic message, but which has glued on it and 2 lollipops, placed next to each other.

How could a child not appreciate a proof of love so ... sweet and delicious?

Half with love


Also in the category "love goes through the stomach" (and when it comes to children, first goes to the district of sweets) is this congratulation.

In appearance it is simple, but it is of great effect, due to those heart-shaped stick-rods, in front of the greeting card.

If your little one still writes a funny message, he will surely win the half with which he wants to share the 2 lattices.

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