Solutions for strong immunity

Solutions for strong immunity

With the installation of the cold season, our body is increasingly prone to respiratory infections and viruses. A strong immune system can help prevent period-specific illnesses or make it easier to get through episodes of illness.

The immune system is composed of mechanisms and structures with protective role, without which the body cannot survive, when it is permanently threatened by the penetration from outside of "biological aggressors" (viruses, bacteria, microfungus, parasites). It is of two types: non-specific (innate), common to all individuals and specific (acquired).

  • The non-specific immune system is transmitted hereditary and protects the body throughout its life;
  • The specific immune system (acquired) represents an individual immunity, obtained passively (through breast milk) or active (following diseases). Specific defense is performed with the help of specific antibodies (immunoglobulins), formed by the lymphocytes upon entering the body by foreign agents (antigens).

Immunity is the ability to recognize and annihilate foreign agents (non-self) penetrated into the body. An important role in this process is played by T lymphocytes, by maintaining "immune memory" at the cellular level, and B lymphocytes, which synthesize specific antibodies.

Children gain immunity through antibodies from the mother's placenta and breastfeeding. Colostrum represents the first lactation secretion, which differs in composition from mature milk, because it contains a higher amount of lactalbumin and milk proteins, being rich in immunoglogulins that provide passive immunity to the newborn. The active substances in colostrum can be administered through dietary supplements, both for children and adults. The variants of colostrum from Secom® contain immunizing factors, with a strong antiviral, antibacterial and restoration effect of all tissues of the body.

A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle can help create and maintain a strong immune system in both children and adults, but these are not always enough. Food supplements are a handy solution for immunity.

To strengthen the immune system, Secom® offers a complex range of dietary supplements with 100% natural ingredients, high bioavailability and optimal concentrations for both adults and children.

  • The Mega-Nutrient Alive! ™ (without iron) contains 133 essential nutrients, the complete source of vitamins, minerals and extracts from vegetables, green plants, medicinal mushrooms and digestive enzymes, which ensure an optimal level of energy and immunity.
  • A strong immunity for the whole family provides Colostrum Prime Life® and Colostrum plus Probiotics (children), the adult version.
  • For the normal functioning of the immune system, Vitamin C. is recommended. Secom® offers both a special formula for children - Vitamin C 250mg, as well as a formula for adults - Vitamin C 1000mg.

  • If you have a depressed immune system, immunostimulators are recommended. Recognized for this effect are arabinogalactans, zinc, olive leaf extract; All of this can be found in First Defense, a product for children with a unique composition, considered as a secondary immune system, and SystemWell® Ultimate Immunity ™, an adult product that strengthens all components of the immune system.

By choosing Secom® you are sure that you have opted for the best natural health solutions.